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A case study of responsible operations.


Chevron is one of the largest leaseholders in the Marcellus Shale, with 428,000 net acres of leases. One of North America’s largest and richest sources of natural gas from shale, the Marcellus runs beneath large swaths of New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and eastern Ohio and dips into neighboring states.

Chevron is committed to responsibly developing natural gas from shale in the Appalachian basin, including protecting the environment and supporting communities where we live and work. Our commitment to safe and responsible development drives the ongoing dialogues and long-term relationships we’re building within our Marcellus communities. We encourage open communication, provide information on our operations and support initiatives important to the communities.

Our dedicated staff in the region engages directly with landowners and the community before and during our operational activity to seek and respond to questions and concerns. We also maintain a community hotline, which makes it convenient for community concerns to be brought to our attention and addressed.

The Marcellus case study explains more about our operating practices and our investments in the community.

Updated: March 2019