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Chevron Introduces Midgrade Unleaded Gasoline


SAN FRANCISCO, May 4 -- Chevron will begin offering a midgrade unleaded gasoline -- Chevron Plus Unleaded -- this month at most of its service stations in western Washington and Oregon, the company said today.

The 443 stations will also phase out the sale of leaded regular gasoline to meet air quality regulations requiring removal of lead additives by year's end. Another 93 stations in the two states and in Northern Idaho will make the changes this summer.

Stations will post signs announcing the new higher 89-octane Chevron Plus and offer brochures about unleaded gasolines. Stations will continue to offer a premium, 92-octane Chevron Supreme Unleaded, and 87-octane Chevron Regular Unleaded. All Chevron gasolines contain the company's patented engine-cleansing additive.

Chevron unleaded gasolines can be used in cars and trucks designed for leaded fuel, including pre-1975 models produced before the advent of catalytic converters.

Some former leaded regular customers may prefer switching to the new unleaded midgrade -- instead of unleaded regular -- because midgrade's 89-octane level can help control engine knock and engine run-on in vehicles that used the 88-octane leaded fuel.

Former leaded customers who choose midgrade can expect to pay more at the pump. While removing lead from gasoline helps the environment, it also forces refiners to use more costly blending components to achieve target octane levels.

Chevron U.S.A. Products is a subsidiary of San Francisco-based Chevron Corporation.

Updated: May 1995