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Chevron Press Release - Chevron Joins ESCRIP To Support Education of Children

SAN FRANCISCO AND SAN MATEO, Calif., March 13, 2000 -- Chevron and Electronic Scrip Incorporated today announced that Chevron will participate in a program supporting the eScrip school fund-raising effort, beginning April 1. eScrip is the new electronic successor to "paper scrip," an educational fund-raising tool long familiar to parents.

This initial program will enable registered Chevron credit card holders from California, Nevada and Hawaii to donate 2 percent of their Chevron credit card purchases to designated community schools.

Chevron joins other merchants including Safeway, VONS, Eddie Bauer, Carrow's, and Budget Rent a Car, which contribute to schools and youth organizations through the eScrip program. During fourth quarter 1999, eScrip generated $1.5 million to benefit schools.

"Having Chevron join eScrip means so much to all our organizations and families," said Ian Diery, president and CEO of ESI (eScrip). "We could not be more pleased for the program. The Chevron name means so many good things, and their choice to join eScrip continues their example of corporate citizenship. We are proud to be associated with a company such as Chevron."

"Chevron is pleased to help provide additional funding for schools by participating in eScrip," said Patricia Woertz, president of Chevron Products Co. "This program fits into Chevron's existing community outreach programs, and we believe current and new credit card customers will appreciate this easy option to give back to their local community."

To participate, supporters simply register their designated credit cards, debit cards and grocery loyalty cards with eScrip for $10 annually. Every time a registered card is used at an eScrip merchant, the supporter earns valuable dollars for their designated institutions. The contribution ranges between 2 to 10 percent, based on the participating merchant.

Chevron card holders can sign up for eScrip by registering their Chevron card through their enrolled local school or community group, or by calling eScrip at 1-800-592-0942. All products and services purchased in Chevron service stations and convenience stores using a registered Chevron credit card will be eligible for eScrip credit. Purchases by mail or using the Commercial Fleet Card are not eligible.

Paper-based fund-raising programs are an established source of funds for schools. Traditionally, schools would purchase paper gift certificates or "scrip" from businesses at a discount. The discount given created a donation to the school. Parents then purchased the paper scrip and redeemed it for purchases at these businesses.

According to Diery, "eScrip brings an unprecedented ease of use and provides the best vehicle for simple, year-round fundraising."

"With more than 600 families registered in the eScrip program in our district, Kiddo! is very excited about the addition of Chevron as a participant, " said Patty Trick, scrip manager for Kiddo!, the Mill Valley Schools' Foundation that received more than $7,500 from eScrip for purchases made by supporters during the month of December. "Now, with travel from business to pleasure, our families can support our schools with each Chevron purchase."

Electronic Scrip Incorporated (ESI), based in San Mateo, Calif., is dedicated to establishing relationships between commerce and community -- to provide resources to organizations and projects that support children.

Chevron has more than 12 million credit card holders nationwide with more than 5.5 million in the three pilot states. Chevron is one of the largest marketers of gasoline and convenience goods in the United States with more than 8,000 retail outlets -- 1,600 of which are in California, Nevada and Hawaii. Applications for Chevron credit cards may be completed by calling 1-800-FREE-APP (1-800-373-3277), or by visiting

Updated: March 2000