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SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 17, 1995 -- Chevron and the five other member companies of the North West Shelf Gas Project (NWSGP) joint venture, today announced start-up of crude oil production from the Wanaea and Cossack fields, located 81 miles (130 kilometers) off the northwestern coast of Australia.

The Wanaea and Cossack fields were discovered in 1989 and 1990, respectively, and are within 5 miles (7 kilometers) of each other in 260 feet (80 meters) of water. The fields are believed to contain 200 million barrels of recoverable oil. Joint production from Wanaea and Cossack is expected to reach to design capacity of 115,000-barrels-per-day by year's end.

Production from the five conventional sub-sea wells on Wanaea and one horizontal sub-sea well on Cossack is piped through flexible flowlines to four sub-sea manifolds where it is collected and produced to the Cossack Pioneer a floating production, storage and offloading facility (FPSO). Following processing on the Cossack Pioneer - previously in service as an ocean-going oil tanker called the Chevron London - the crude oil will be transferred into shuttle tankers for shipment to world markets.

Gas produced in association with the crude oil from the Wanaea and Cossack fields will be separated from the oil aboard the Cossack Pioneer and piped via a 21-mile (33 kilometer) sub-sea pipeline to the North Rankin A gas platform for delivery into the NWSGP's onshore treatment plant. New facilities for extracting and sorting liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) are located at the plant, and will be used to process gas from the Wanaea and Cossack as well as existing production from the North Rankin and Goodwyn fields. These new LPG facilities have an annual production capacity of 800,000 metric tons, and will allow LPG export from the NWSGP for the first time.

Richard Matzke, President of Chevron Overseas Petroleum, said "The successful completion of these two projects adds considerable value to our Australian operations. The Wanaea and Cossack oil development has maintained a challenging schedule and the drilling of the sub-sea wells has set new performance benchmarks while allowing for a quick production build-up.

"The LPG project is another significant addition to the giant North West Shelf Gas Project," continued Matzke. "It provides critical flexibility for maximizing gas and liquids production while adding valuable LPG export revenues."

NOTE TO EDITORS: The six equal participants in the Wanaea and Cossack Venture are Chevron Asiatic Limited, BHP Petroleum (North West Shelf) Pty. Ltd., BP Developments Australia Ltd., Japan Australia LNG (MIMI) Pty. Ltd., Shell Development (Australia) Pty. Limited and Woodside Petroleum Ltd. The fields are operated by Woodside Offshore Petroleum Pty. Limited on behalf of the six equal participants in the North West Shelf Project Venture.

Updated: November 1995