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Chevron Press Release - Chevron People Offer Hands, Hearts And Help To Disaster Victims

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea, July 22, 1998 -- Chevron employees in Papua New Guinea are pooling resources to help the thousands of people left devastated by the mammoth tidal wave that struck the country Friday night.

From their base of operations several hundred miles from the area impacted by the disaster, people from Chevron Niugini Pty. Ltd. are scouring their homes for food, clothing, blankets, basic medical supplies, candles, mosquito netting -- anything that might be used by those made homeless. The donations are being collected in makeshift disaster relief areas created in Chevron offices in the highlands area near Lake Kutubu, site of operations for the multinational oil company.

Chevron-chartered King Air and Twin Otter aircraft landed Monday in the community of Vanimo, carrying a five-person medical team from the company's highlands-based operation, and 500 kilograms of medical supplies. The medical team will remain in the area for as long as needed. The balance of the aircraft's cargo space was stuffed with 600 kilograms of food for the disaster victims.

We've not yet been contacted by the PNG government for help, said Larry Barthold, managing director of Chevron Niugini Pty. Ltd., nonetheless, we responded with help immediately and we will continue to assist in any way we can, based on the most urgent needs of the relief workers.

Barthold said that in addition to efforts of PNG employees, Chevron Corp., together with Chevron Niugini Pty. Ltd., is donating (U.S.) $50,000 to the relief effort.

Chevron will also contribute on-the-ground support to AmeriCares, the international relief agency, which is airlifting medical supplies to Papua New Guinea.

Were here, were able, and well do whatever we can to help the people of PNG repair and rebuild their homes and their lives, said Barthold. One of the most important things we can do now -- in addition to supplying medical and other equipment -- is to offer our prayers.

Updated: July 1998