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Chevron Press Release - Chevron Recalls USP Clarity White Mineral Oil, Although No Health Risk Appears To Exist

SAN FRANCISCO, June 7, 1996 -- Chevron Products Company today announced that it is recalling its United States Pharmacopoeia-designated (USP) Clarity white mineral oil because it did not pass a test required for USP designation. The company believes there is no health risk because USP Clarity white mineral oil clearly passes the stringent USP ultraviolet test, which is used to identify compounds harmful to human health.

"We are confident this product is safe and apologize to our customers for any inconvenience they may experience from this action," said Peter McCrea, vice president and general manager of Chevron's Global Lubricants product group. "Nevertheless, we will not sell any product that does not conform in all respects to required technical standards."

Chevron determined this week that the product did not pass one of 12 tests the company requires for its USP-designated white mineral oils. This particular test is not known to be based on any public health concerns.

White mineral oils, which are highly refined to remove harmful substances, are divided into two primary categories: technical grades, which are used as a lubricant and rust preventative for food machinery, among other uses; and USP-grades, which can be used in applications such as food processing, as a dust control agent for cereal grains and in plastics production.

The total U.S. white mineral oil market comprises about 65 million gallons a year, of which approximately 80 percent is USP designated. Over the past year, about 200,000 gallons of USP Clarity white mineral oil was produced for Chevron.

Chevron's technical grade white mineral oil meets all test standards and is not affected by the recall. The USP white mineral oil is being recalled until the product passes all required tests. Both categories of white mineral oil are being produced and tested for Chevron by an independent company.

"We will not resume sale of this product until we are certain it fully meets all requirements," said McCrea.

The company is notifying its distributors on how they and their customers can return any USP Clarity white mineral oil that they may still have in stock. It is available to Chevron distributors and others only in bulk and 55-gallon drums.

Updated: June 1996