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Chevron Press Release - Chevron Receives National Health Of The Land Environmental Award

NEW ORLEANS, June 19, 1997 - Chevron recently received the 1997 National Health of the Land Award presented by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for the Eastern United States.

The award recognizes outstanding environmental practices during the almost 50-year partnership between Chevron, the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) in managing the Romere Pass field. The field is located on the Delta National Wildlife Refuge where Chevron has operated since 1949.

New growth of marsh plants pushes in open water as sediment from the crevasse fills in the pond. Tress in background are growing on the natural levee of Main Pass which normally prevents sediments from replenishing the marsh.

The Delta National Refuge is located on the southernmost edge of Louisiana where the Mississippi River drops its sediment load into the Gulf of Mexico. The 48,800-acre Refuge consists of mud flats, marsh, shallow ponds and navigational channels. Along with 240 species of birds that live or pass through the Refuge, there are also deer and alligators.

Chevron's central processing facility for the field is located on about 15 acres. Funds collected from Chevron by the USFWS for drilling and production activities have been used to create additional marsh habitat. Primarily, crevasses are created into natural land forms or canal banks so that diverted water may deposit sediment to form new emergent marsh. These new marshes provide suitable habitat for the many wildlife species.

Photo indicating new wetlands filling in open pond; Chevron's crevasse or breech in the river's natural levee diverting fresh water and sediment into pond to restore marsh destroyed by erosion; and 'Main Pass' of the Mississippi River.

"The Refuge is a long-term example of Chevron's commitment to not only protect but to even enhance the environment while producing oil and gas," said Bob Herrin, vice president of Chevron's Gulf of Mexico operations.

"With funds collected from Chevron, we have created more than 300 acres of new marsh land in the Refuge" said James Harris of the USFWS. "An additional 1000 acres of emerging marsh land is expected to be created by projects we have completed in the last several years," he added.

"We have always worked in partnership with the USFWS from creating new marsh, to sharing Chevron equipment, to building Osprey bird nesting platforms," said Blaine Bergeron, Chevron's operations supervisor of the Romere Pass field."

The Romere Pass field has been prolific with cumulative production of about 100 million barrels of oil and 445 billion cubic feet of gas. Cumulative production has been from about 100 wells.

Chevron's Gulf of Mexico operations are managed from New Orleans, La. The company operates more than 550 production related facilities in the Gulf.

Updated: June 1997