chevron statement on red butte creek incident

On June 12, 2010, Chevron experienced a pipeline leak in the Salt Lake City region where an estimated 800 barrels of oil was spilled. As of June 23, 2010, 610 of an estimated 800 barrels have been recovered. Additionally, it is estimated that 100 barrels have evaporated.

Round-the-clock efforts to recover residual oil from the Red Butte Canyon spill continue, as we work aggressively to clean up oil throughout the affected areas. Our primary concerns have been and continue to be recovering the oil, minimizing the impact on the community and environment, and keeping people and wildlife safe.

Safeguarding the lives and health of the people of this community and our employees is one of our top priorities. Accordingly, we have comprehensive short and long-term plans and procedures in place to respond to these types of situations.

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Updated: June 2010

Published: July 2010