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Chevron Press Release - Chevron Stockholders Re-Elect 10 Directors; Approve Benefits Plan Merger

HOUSTON, May 2 -- Chevron Corporation stockholders today elected 10 incumbent directors for one-year terms and approved a merger between two existing Chevron profit-sharing plans.

During the company's Annual Meeting here, Price Waterhouse was retained as the company's independent auditor.

Stockholders approved a directors' proposal to merge the Chevron Corporation Profit Sharing/Savings Plan and the Chevron Corporation Savings Plus Plan. The merger gives Chevron additional future flexibility in amending benefits plans for employees.

In other actions, stockholders rejected proposals that would have required Chevron to:

  • Pay all members of the board of directors exclusively in shares of Chevron common stock;
  • Make additional environmental and safety hazards information on company facilities available to citizens groups and allow such groups to inspect company facilities.

Updated: May 1995