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Chevron Press Release - Chevron Supplies Cleaner Burning Gasoline With No MTBE Added to Lake Tahoe

SAN FRANCISCO, June 8 -- Chevron announced today that it has begun shipping gasoline with no MTBE added to all Chevron stations and marinas in the Lake Tahoe area.

"We're happy we can provide Chevron gasoline with no MTBE added to our Lake Tahoe customers," said Pat Woertz, president of Chevron Products Co. "From now on, all Chevron Tahoe-area customers can feel even better about buying cleaner burning gasoline from Chevron because no MTBE is added, and it still contains our exclusive Techron additive which is proven effective in reducing engine deposits and auto emissions."

On April 2, Chevron committed to California Gov. Davis and the people of the Lake Tahoe Basin that the company would supply the region by July 1 or sooner with gasoline with no MTBE added. "We're very pleased to beat our own deadline," said Woertz.

"At Chevron, we believe the evidence is clear that California Cleaner Burning Gasoline has helped many areas around the state make excellent progress in improving air quality," said Woertz. "We also believe that our customers want us to remove MTBE from our California gasoline statewide, not just in Lake Tahoe," she said.

On March 29, Chevron and U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein announced a "fast track" plan to eliminate MTBE from all California gasoline. "With federal legislation such as that proposed by Senator Dianne Feinstein and Congressman Brian Bilbray, and with the necessary flexibility as outlined in Chevron's fast track plan, we could see within two years, not just the elimination of MTBE added to gasoline in Lake Tahoe -- but also the elimination of MTBE added to gasoline throughout California," said Woertz.

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Updated: June 1999