chevron supports USA pavilion at shanghai world expo

Chevron's commitment to China is on prominent display in the USA Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. The Shanghai Expo, which runs from May through the end of October, is expected to attract 70 million visitors worldwide and includes 192 countries and 50 international organizations.

We are one of five global partners, along with General Electric, CitiGroup, Johnson and Johnson, and PepsiCo, and are the USA Pavilion's exclusive energy sponsor. Key to the sponsorship — which includes our "We are Chevron Asia" video running three times per hour in the pavilion; a multi-screen video experience featuring Zhou Xun, one of Asia's biggest celebrities, guiding Chevron's story in China; and a touch-screen display showing our company's history in the USA Pavilion 1776 Suite — is the opportunity to convey our knowledge and innovation in delivering reliable energy to China and the rest of the world.

"Chevron is committed to being a valued partner in China," said Jim Blackwell, president of Chevron Asia Pacific Exploration and Production Co. "The Asia-Pacific region is one of our key growth areas, and our sponsorship of the Shanghai Expo and USA Pavilion enables us to showcase our experience and capabilities to help China develop a safe and reliable energy supply in the future."

Showcasing Human Energy

Chevron is a global sponsor of the USA Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo. The Expo, which runs through the end of October 2010, features 192 countries and 50 international organizations.

Clinton Visits

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and several senior U.S. State Department officials visited the USA Pavilion on May 22 and attended a dinner honoring Chevron and other pavilion sponsors later that evening. This visit was Clinton's first stop in China before she traveled to Beijing for the start of a two-day cabinet-level U.S.-China bilateral Strategic and Economic Dialogue, where she highlighted the importance of freer trade and open markets in creating jobs in both countries.

Further highlighting our sponsorship of the event, Chevron Hong Kong conducted two tours of the USA Pavilion on May 7. The first group included more than 90 customers of Chevron's retail card business and service station managers from its retail operations. A second tour group, later that same day, comprised an elite group of five senior editors from major Chinese and English-language news media in Hong Kong.

The visits culminated with an evening performance by the world-renowned Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra at the expo's brand new performing arts center. For the performance, the media editors enjoyed VIP seating.

"The purpose of these visits was to demonstrate Chevron's commitment to the Chinese market and to showcase Chevron's messages on sustainability, technology and innovation," said Eunice Cheng, Policy, Government and Public Affairs manager for Downstream China. "Responses from both tour groups were highly positive with special praise from the media group on the quality of the audio-visual materials and the aptness of their message for Chinese visitors. Chevron's branding was apparent throughout the visit in the pavilion."

Chevron in China

Chevron's presence in China dates back to 1913 when the company began selling kerosene for lamps and home heating. In the 1920s, we opened service stations and sales outlets in major Chinese cities and during the late 1930s began marketing petroleum products under the Caltex brand.

In 1979, Chevron was one of the first Western companies to re-enter China, and we became a partner in one of China's first offshore oil production projects in the Pearl River Delta Mouth Basin of the South China Sea. In 2007, Chevron was invited to participate in the Chuandongbei Gas Project, the largest onshore development of its kind in China. Gas from the project will provide safe and reliable energy to the growing provincial economies of southwest China.

As part of our growing commitment to China, Chevron also supports a variety of social, education, and health programs throughout the country. These include scholarships for young women who had to drop out of school for economic reasons, programs to benefit less-fortunate children and families, various environmental and animal-protection activities and an HIV awareness program run by the Chinese Red Cross, as well as other community and development projects.

Updated: October 2010

Published: October 2010