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Chevron Press Release - Chevron U.S.A. Production Company And Stone Energy Test New Offshore Gas Well

NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 6, 1994 -- Chevron U.S.A. Production Company and Stone Energy Corporation today announced that the OCS-G-2050 #A well at East Cameron Block 281 in federal waters offshore Louisiana has been successfully drilled and completed.

The well tested at a daily rate of 22.8 million cubic feet of gas at 1,800 pounds of flowing tubing pressure on a 43/64-inch choke. Based on electronic logs analysis, approximately 100 feet of net pay were encountered between depths of 9,460 and 9,650 feet.

Chevron owns a 50 percent working interest in the block. Stone and certain limited partnerships managed by Stone own the other 50 percent. Stone served as operator for the drilling portion of the project. Chevron will serve as operator for the production portion.

Future work in the block will include drilling another well. Again, Stone will serve as operator for drilling and Chevron will serve as operator for production.

Chevron U.S.A. Production is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chevron Corporation. Chevron is the largest producer of natural gas in the Gulf of Mexico and the second-largest producer in the United States.

Updated: September 1994