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Chevron Press Release - Chevron Unveils New Gasolines With "Techron"

New Gasoline Additive Formulation Helps Protect and Maintain Engine Performance and Minimize Emissions

SAN FRANCISCO, May 15, 1995 -- Chevron today announced plans to introduce a new line of gasolines on May 22. New Chevron gasolines with Techron -- the company's new patented additive -- are specially formulated to help prevent engine deposit build-up and minimize vehicle emissions. The new product will be introduced by a national advertising campaign throughout Chevron's 30-state U.S. marketing area.

"Chevron has always provided its customers with excellent quality gasoline," said Dave O'Reilly, Chevron U.S.A. Products Company president. "However, we've been making significant improvements to our gasoline additive technology for years without claiming credit for each individual development. Even our best customers may not know just how good our gasoline really is."

"Now, with this reformulation, no gasoline sold gives the driving public better performance or lower emissions," O'Reilly said.

The new Techron additive is included in all grades of Chevron gasolines -- Regular, Plus and Supreme -- with a higher dose of the additive in Supreme for faster clean up of deposits left by lower quality gasolines. Chevron gasolines with Techron allow consumers to help clean up and keep clean their engines' intake valves, fuel injectors and carburetors.

Unlike most other oil companies' gasoline additives, Techron does an unbeatable job in the engine's intake system without contributing to harmful combustion chamber deposits, which can cause knocking or loss of power during acceleration, and higher emissions.

"In simple terms," said Dave Smith, Chevron U.S.A. Products Company's vice president, marketing, "virtually every car on the road will give its best possible performance and operate with the lowest possible emissions using new Chevron gasolines with Techron. No gasoline sold will give you smoother acceleration, more power or lower emissions than our new Chevron gasolines with Techron."

Smith said the Techron additive was derived from Techroline, the additive previously used in Chevron gasolines. Techron is an even more effective mixture of compounds that fight deposits in an engine's intake system, and is added to Chevron gasolines at a higher dose than the Techroline additive. Like Techroline, Techron does not contribute to combustion chamber deposits.

"We patented these compounds about 15 years ago after recognizing that they were effective deposit control additives," Smith said. "And we've been improving them ever since. Techron is our latest achievement." All of Chevron's 7,900 stations will carry new Chevron gasolines with Techron by May 22.

Chevron is one of the largest marketers of petroleum products in the United States, and is the country's second-largest producer of natural gas. Based on annual revenues, Chevron is the sixth-largest petroleum company in the world. Chevron is headquartered in San Francisco.

Updated: May 1995