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Chevron Press Release - Chevron Vice Chairman Holds Press Conference To Clarify Company's Position

SAN FRANCISCO, March 13, 1996 -- Chevron Corporation Vice Chairman Jim Sullivan today held a press conference to clarify the company's position on its Bay Area Products Pipeline.

"We will move a section of our pipeline where it runs closest to the San Antonio Reservoir in order to address the public's concern that the line could affect the water supply for many people. We'll need the full cooperation of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to accomplish this as expeditiously as possible," said Sullivan.

He added, "I live in San Francisco, along with hundreds of other Chevron employees, and the purity of the Hetch Hetchy water system is a prime motivator in any and all actions we take."

Other points made by Sullivan include:

  • Chevron has indicated on numerous occasions that the company will take any and all prudent steps based on scientific data to ensure the safety of the pipeline, including modifying and/or moving the pipeline.
  • The pipeline crosses the Calaveras Fault approximately 3/4 mile away from, and 110 feet below, the reservoir, and should a leak occur during an earthquake, the fuel would move downhill away from the reservoir.
  • Where the pipeline is within the watershed area of the reservoir, a 1995 joint risk assessment study conducted by Chevron, S.F. Water District and independent consultants determined that:
  1. Corrosion of the line is unlikely in this particular pipeline, which is in excellent condition based on technical pipeline testing.
  2. There are no active landslide areas near the pipeline that could cause pipeline damage. (In 1983 part of the pipeline was moved outside a slide area to ensure its integrity.)
  3. To ensure that no one accidentally digs up the pipeline, the San Francisco Water District controls access to this area and the property is fenced.
  4. Technically it is not possible for the pipeline to be overpressured.
  5. The pipeline is never closer than 1/4 of a mile to the reservoir.

Chevron continues to be concerned about the impact of possible supply disruptions to Santa Clara customers, including the San Jose Airport and hundreds of truckers. (Chevron supplies Santa Clara with more than 20 percent of its gasoline needs and more than 30 percent jet.)

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Updated: March 1996