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Chevron Press Release - Chevron Vice Chairman Jim Sullivan to Retire

Jim Sullivan

SAN FRANCISCO, May 31 -- Chevron Corp. today announced that Vice Chairman James N. Sullivan has decided to retire Aug. 31 after a highly distinguished 39-year career.

"Jim Sullivan personifies the values of integrity, partnership and achievement that we treasure at Chevron," said Chairman and CEO Dave O' Reilly. "He played a major role in shaping today's Chevron. During the merger with Gulf in 1984 -- then the world's largest and most complex business deal -- Jim helped assemble the best business assets of both companies and bond them together at a human level into something much greater than the sum of the parts.

"Since then, Jim was an early leader in integrating Total Quality Management into the way we do business. He's focused us on teamwork, process improvement, safety, environmental excellence and knowledge management," O'Reilly said. "He's helped us see diversity issues from many angles, and I understand he plans to host a few more of his famous diversity lunches before he leaves us."

Sullivan, 62, is a San Francisco native who graduated as a chemical engineer from the University of Notre Dame in 1959. In 1961, he joined Chevron as a process engineer with Chevron Research Co. in Richmond, Calif. He served in positions of increasing responsibility, including operations manager at the Richmond, Calif., and Pascagoula, Miss., refineries, managing director of Chevron Oil Belgium, and general manager of refinery operations for Chevron U.S.A. in San Francisco.

He was elected a vice president of the corporation in 1983, and over the next five years led the human resources, environmental affairs, logistics, trading, technology and engineering staffs. Sullivan also managed the Department on Organization, the role in which he helped restructure Standard Oil of California and Gulf Corp. into Chevron Corp.

Elected a corporate director in 1988, he assumed his current responsibilities in January 1989. As one of two vice chairmen, Sullivan is responsible for worldwide refining, marketing and chemical operations; for Chevron' s mining, shipping and pipeline companies; and for staff functions such as medical services, environmental affairs and loss prevention.

Sullivan is active in numerous organizations outside of Chevron. He is a director of Weyerhaeuser Co., the American Petroleum Institute and the United Way of the Bay Area. He is a trustee of the University of San Francisco, Committee for Economic Development, and San Francisco Asian Art Museum Foundation. He is a member of the National Petroleum Refiners Association, the World Trade Club, the Commonwealth Club and the World Affairs Council.

Updated: May 2000