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Chevron Press Release - Chevron VP Delivers Outlook For Future Refining Technology

SLAKE CITY, Sept. 11, 1998 -- The refinery of the future will raise to new levels the standards for efficiency, safety and plant intelligence, says Lance Gyorfi, vice president, Refining, for Chevron Products Co.

Gyorfi presented his vision of tomorrows refinery here yesterday (Sept. 10) at the annual meeting of the Utah Petroleum Association.

Among the factors reshaping refining, Gyorfi cited changes in transportation systems, the availability of a wider range of raw materials, the blurring of boundaries between oil production and oil refining, and the ever-pressing need to better safeguard people and the environment.

Noting that new and stricter air quality standards will continue to test local facilities, he emphasized the importance of finding ways to balance business and environmental priorities.

Gyorfis remarks focused on changes that will make refineries viable no matter how vehicle technologies evolve.

Those changes include borrowing technology from other industries, integrating advanced information technology and smart sensors into refining operations, and adopting a view that goes well beyond the refinery gate.

According to Gyorfi, Refineries are becoming an amalgam of smart systems and integrated technologies -- high-brow hardware that, in the not-too-distant future, will actually manage knowledge.

He said the refinery of the future will be like a dynamic computer network in which all parts communicate with each other. Imagine a constellation of sensors, all tied together, that delivers a clear, continuous picture of the whole refinery, he said, and allows plant personnel to continuously improve the performance of the refinery in real time.

Gyorfi explained that, with the help of automation, refiners are transforming data into information and, ultimately, into knowledge. This refining revolution will give us greater control than ever before, said Gyorfi. That means better products, more efficient operations and safer facilities.

Mr. Gyorfis speech is entitled, "The Refinery of the Future."

Updated: September 1998