press release

Chevron's Commitment to Education

Chevron is a corporate leader committed to expanding opportunities in education, the cornerstone of its community outreach activities. In 2000, Chevron has contributed more than $7 million toward education programs.

The National Science Foundation predicts that the United States will be unable to meet its future demand for scientists and engineers because student interest in science and math is waning. Chevron has made this issue a top priority, with special focus on female and ethnic students who are particularly under-represented in the fields of science, math and engineering.

Chevron recognizes that teachers must be supported in their efforts and has focused significant resources on providing them with the tools to make math and science fun and appealing to their students. As part of these efforts, Chevron also spotlights teachers who are trailblazers in math and science education.

The Family Science program is one of many innovative science and math education programs supported by Chevron over the years.

Updated: January 2001