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ChevronTexaco Contributes Over $1 Million to Support South Asia Relief Efforts

American Red Cross and the Thai Red Cross Society Receive Financial Support

SAN RAMON, Calif., Jan. 3, 2005 -- ChevronTexaco Corp. today announced it is contributing $1 million in support of disaster relief efforts in South Asia with $750,000 to the American Red Cross to be used in Indonesia and $250,000 to the Thai Red Cross Society. In addition to this contribution, ChevronTexaco has already provided $240,000 in aid locally in Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand.

"The magnitude of this tragedy is nearly incomprehensible," said Dave O'Reilly, chairman and chief executive officer of ChevronTexaco Corp. "This disaster has touched hundreds of thousands of lives around the world. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost loved ones, those who are searching for missing family and friends, and those who are struggling to recover and survive in the aftermath." O'Reilly added, "We will continue to evaluate additional opportunities to support relief efforts as we learn more about local needs and how best to help."

Harold Brooks, chief executive officer, American Red Cross Bay Area, said, "ChevronTexaco has always been a strong partner and is very responsive whenever there is great need. In the coming days and weeks, thanks to ChevronTexaco's generous support of $1 million, relief supplies will be provided to those in need."

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Updated: January 2005