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ChevronTexaco Press Release - ChevronTexaco Introduces Program to Develop Scientists of the Future

Interactive Outreach Program Designed to Increase Children's Interest in Science

SAN RAMON, Calif., Oct. 13, 2001 -- ChevronTexaco today announced a new Family Science program, which is designed to address the under-representation of female and minority students in science-based careers. The goal of the program is to make science both fun and exciting to schoolchildren and their families.

The Family Science program is a two-day skill-building workshop that includes one component for teachers and another for students and parents. This binational program begins today at the Mexican Heritage Museum in San Jose, Calif. A similar event will be held in Toluca, Mexico, Nov. 10.

"We need to develop scientists, engineers and chemists to shepherd global companies such as ChevronTexaco into the future," said Dave Reeves, president of North America Products Co., a division of ChevronTexaco. "The basic building blocks for our children's futures include science and math as their cornerstone. Children need to understand the concept of science to be able to understand the world."

Today, students from San Jose's San Antonio Elementary School and their families will spend the day actively participating with hands-on science experiments led by the newly trained teachers. Participating teachers and students will be given a copy of the Family Science textbook which contains hundreds of experiments and tasks for learning opportunities. Available in Spanish and English, the textbook teaches problem-solving skills, introduces the creative side of science, and supports and encourages children's involvement in the sciences.

On Friday, 50 elementary school teachers from the Alum Rock School District in San Jose gathered for a free training seminar at the Mexican Heritage Plaza. Led by the Family Science Foundation, the seminar helped teachers focus on how to enhance their science teaching skills. They learned unique science experiments that are intended to pique the interest of children of any age. These experiments also are designed to be simple and easily duplicated using everyday items available at home.

"Family Science empowers teachers to teach others," said Millie Arellano, Director of Language and Literacy for the Alum Rock School District. "In turn, children's interest in science grows, their confidence goes up and their desire to learn increases. And this is truly a family program because it gets parents more intimately involved in their kids' education."

Family Science reflects ChevronTexaco's strong commitment to quality education and to the global communities it serves. The company contributed more than $7 million in 2000 toward education programs.

Updated: October 2001