newsenergy innovators: developing LNG technology

We’re collaborating to develop and deploy liquefied natural gas technologies. Ingenuity and collaboration are in play at Chevron’s Global Technology Center in Perth, Western Australia. The technology center utilizes Chevron’s own talent, along with talent from local universities and research institutions, to develop technologies that add value to each step of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) production chain, starting with exploring for and finding natural gas. Since 2009, Chevron has made more than 25 gas discoveries at a 90 percent success rate while minimizing spending.

Investing in academic excellence and partnering with institutions such as Curtin University and the University of Western Australia helps us reach new frontiers.

“What we’re trying to do here is look at things from a slightly different perspective, maybe a slightly quirky point of view that gives us some new insights into the way in which the oil and gas deposits have formed.”


Chris Elders

Chevron Professor of Petroleum Geology, Curtin University

energy innovators - developing the latest LNG technology

Chevron's Global Technology Center in Perth, Australia collaborates with the Western Australian Energy Research Alliance to research, develop and deploy technology from the exploration to the production of liquid natural gas.
energy innovators - developing the latest LNG technology

Innovation is helping Chevron protect people and the environment. A prime example, according to Carol Baker, Chevron Australia’s environmental manager for Wheatstone, is the wave glider, a new approach to monitoring the environment.

“Could we continue to collect data in the same way we always have collected it? Absolutely we could,” said Baker. “Is that really what we should be doing with Chevron, or should we be pushing the envelope? How can we do things safer, smarter, better?”

Since 2009, Chevron has spent more than $1 billion on projects in Australia, helping turn the country into an intellectual hub of new ideas, partnerships and projects.

Published: June 2014