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ECO-SCRAP ceases expansion of 'clunker' buyback program

Brea, Calif., Dec. 5, 1997 - ECO-SCRAP, Inc., a unit of Unocal Corporation, today said it will not sign any new contracts with employers for purchasing and scrapping of high-emitting pre-1982 vehicles. ECO-SCRAP is suspending its efforts at adding new customers until the company sees a broader potential customer base that would enable ECO-SCRAP to grow.

ECO-SCRAP, a scrapper licensed by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), has contracted with more than 120 employers, providing turnkey service for the purchasing and scrapping of old, high-emitting vehicles. The company expects to continue buying and scrapping old cars to fulfill existing contracts.

Southern California employers that experience difficulty in meeting employee rideshare goals can choose alternative ways to reduce emissions and improve air quality under SCAQMD Rule 2202.

"Of the alternatives available, old-car scrapping is definitely the most cost effective way for employers to meet SCAQMD emission reduction targets," said Luis N. Weiss, president of ECO-SCRAP. "More important, scrapping programs provide measurable, quantifiable and immediate clean air results."

Weiss said that since the car-scrapping concept was first introduced in 1990, Unocal and ECO-SCRAP have purchased and scrapped more than 17,000 high-polluting vehicles from the roads in Southern California and Phoenix, Ariz. These vehicles accounted for emissions of 19 million pounds.

Unocal's old-car buyback program was awarded the Presidential Environmental Conservation Challenge Award in 1992. ECO-SCRAP received the first Air Quality Investment Program award from SCAQMD and the Environmental and Economic Leadership Award in the area of Innovation from California's governor in 1996.

Updated: December 1997