empowering women in Brazil

Empowering women to create economic opportunities based on their interests and the needs of their communities is one way Chevron is helping make a difference in Brazil.

We believe investing in women can promote rapid and significant social change, as studies have shown women tend to share their economic gains with the family and community. Consequently, Chevron Brazil is targeting women with much of its social investment strategy.

The recent opening of Saborearte, a restaurant in a low-income community of Rio de Janeiro, is just one example of how our social investment is furthering community development.

The venture is part of the Elas em Movimento project, sponsored by Chevron and run by ELAS Fundo de Investimento Social, the only fund in Brazil that focuses exclusively on women. The project includes women from two additional communities in Rio de Janeiro and represents a total investment by Chevron of $250,000.

"In Brazil, where nearly 30 percent of households are headed by women, investing in them was the natural choice," said Lia Blower, head of Policy, Government and Public Affairs for Chevron Brazil.

For the Saborearte project to become a reality, a group of 10 women who call themselves Associação das Mulheres Vitoriosas do Jardim Batan (Jardim Batan Victorious Women's Association) received approximately 120 hours of training over six months in all stages of drafting a business plan, as well as women's rights and conflict resolution.

"With the Saborearte launch, I feel like another woman—stronger and more cognizant of my role as an agent to transform my reality and lives of those around me," said Jacqueline James, Saborearte's chef.

Updated: July 2011

Published: July 2011