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The Drilling and Completions Decision Support Center (DSC) is the real-time data hub for drilling operations worldwide. The DSC team is a blend of experienced drilling engineers, drill site managers, and IT professionals who work together to leverage real-time data and technology to support complex deepwater, shelf, land, and unconventional resource operations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. By acting as another set of eyes for drilling rig personnel, the DSC helps business units enhance process safety and improve operational performance. The DSC capabilities are augmented through the application of smart alarms that filter complex data streams and produce early warnings of upset events. For well site managers working in unconventional resource developments, the DSC can utilize these smart alarms to monitor fracking product usage, optimize jobs, and predict equipment failure. Additionally, by utilizing data analytics and comparing real-time data to modeled and simulated results, the DSC can facilitate data-driven decisions. The DSC can send alerts to drilling teams on rigs when discrepancies are identified or when anomalies within the data may indicate a potential issue. Going beyond process safety, the DSC has developed new tools and service offerings that utilize the same data infrastructure and technology to help improve operational decisions and drive performance for business units worldwide.

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Chevron’s digital transformation is creating new opportunities to generate value, and the DSC is leading several of these initiatives. Fracture monitoring through the next generation of smart alarms and remote support of directional drilling and geosteering are just some of the new opportunities created by the DSC. These services increase the accuracy of well placement and improve production results while managing head count on rigs and at well sites. In 2017, the DSC helped deliver significant savings by optimizing pipe tripping speed and enhancing performance with the utilization of streamed data. By leveraging real-time data and technology, the DSC drives continuity and consistency of drilling and completions operations.

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Updated: August 2018