faster data,
less drilling time

The Drilling & Completions Decision Support Center uses many tools to help business units save time and money on their drilling operations. The Geosteering Workflow provides our geologists in factory environments – where we plan and drill a large number of similar wells at a given time – with the ability to give directional input on multiple wells from a remote location with the same efficiency as if they were operating on a rig. The workflow utilizes real-time data to provide faster communications and collaboration between the geologist and the rig, leading to quicker, better decisions and improved drilling performance. It shortened the time needed to communicate wellbore position at operations in the eastern United States, enabling us to achieve major improvement on the placement of the reservoirs’ wellbores. The Automated Activity Analysis workflow enabled the team on our Pacific Santa Ana drillship to achieve savings of more than $1 million in just three months by reducing its tripping time – pulling the drill string from the wellbore and running it back in – while maintaining safe operating practices.

Published: October 2015