Transforming natural gas into superclean fuels

Gas-to-liquids (GTL) is a technology that enables the production of clean-burning diesel fuel, liquid petroleum gas and naphtha from natural gas.

gas to liquids plant escravos

Chevron partnered with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation to build a new gas-to-liquids plant at Escravos. The plant began production in mid-2014.

what are the benefits?

Natural gas is one of Earth's cleanest and most abundant energy sources. Natural gas has a far wider market if converted to liquid form because it is easier to transport. The GTL process enables us to transform natural gas into superclean diesel fuel.

With the expected rise in demand for diesel, GTL technology provides an option to make a fuel with qualities that make significant reductions in emissions possible.

what chevron is doing

Chevron operates in some of the world’s leading natural gas basins and is using technology, including GTL, to develop the full spectrum of natural gas resources.

Together with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, we built a GTL plant designed to convert 325 million cubic feet of natural gas per day into 33,000 barrels of liquids – principally synthetic diesel. The plant supplies clean-burning, low-sulfur diesel fuel for cars and trucks.

Published: May 2015