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Global Business Coalition Recognizes Chevron HIV/AIDS Policy

SAN RAMON, Calif., June 13, 2007 -- Chevron's efforts to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS around the world have been recognized by the Global Business Coalition (GBC) with a Business Excellence in the Workplace Award.

The award from the GBC recognizes the impact of Chevron's global HIV/AIDS policy, which was developed in conjunction with independent experts and agencies that specialize in HIV/AIDS workplace policies, such as the United Nations Development Programme and Pangaea Global AIDS Foundation. Chevron's HIV/AIDS policy focuses on delivering customized workplace- and community-based education, awareness-building, prevention, and treatment programs across the company's worldwide operations.

"Combating the spread of HIV/AIDS is a clear example of how Chevron's long-term business interests and commitment to corporate responsibility are intrinsically linked," said Peter Robertson, Chevron's vice chairman of the board. "With more than 56,000 employees, and business operations in 180 countries - including some of those most severely affected by this health crisis - responding to HIV/AIDS is without question an important responsibility for a company such as ours."

Chevron's HIV/AIDS policy, which was implemented globally by 40 HIV/AIDS policy coordinators, was developed using best practices from Chevron operations in Angola, Nigeria and South Africa. In both Angola and Nigeria, to prevent mother-to-child transmission, Chevron partners with pharmaceutical companies by giving antiretroviral drugs to HIV-positive mothers and their infants at birth. In Angola, Chevron helps support a blood bank in Cabinda province that has reduced from 25 percent to less than 1 percent. the number of HIV cases caused by transfusions of infected blood.

"Chevron has set a new standard in the corporate fight against HIV/AIDS, and its global HIV/AIDS workplace program is one of the most comprehensive in the world, serving as a superlative model for other businesses around the world to follow," said GBC President Ambassador Richard Holbrooke. "The business community plays a vital role in fighting global epidemics, and Chevron has demonstrated that the private sector can truly make a positive difference in this effort."

The Global Business Coalition is a nonprofit organization that works with businesses to leverage their assets, skills and networks to tailor localized campaigns to prevent and control the spread of HIV/AIDS.

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Published: June 2007