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Chevron produces energy to meet the world’s needs, but Chevron itself is a product of its workforce and ingenuity. The “Day in the Life” series showcases that ingenuity, our Human Energy, at work across the breadth of our businesses. Through this series, we highlight the people that make our company unique, as they give us an insider’s look at their work days and share a bit about their lives at Chevron.

day in the life: drill site manager
Kelsey Prestidge, a drill site manager, oversees personnel on location, logistics and safety for Chevron’s midcontinent business unit.

Kelsey Prestidge comes from an oil and gas family – her grandfather was a driller and her dad was an executive for an oil service company. Kelsey’s first interaction with Chevron was in her first grade class. Her dad had recently transferred to Nigeria, and a lot of her classmate’s parents worked for Chevron. Maybe it isn’t that much of a coincidence that 20 years later, she is a drill site manager working for Chevron’s midcontinent business unit.

Having a knack for science and math, Kelsey’s parents encouraged her to follow a degree that is heavy in those disciplines. That, added to being from an oil and gas family and experiencing the international life, she felt like petroleum engineering was the best choice for her.

"Oil and gas is kind of in my blood. I’ve lived with it my entire life."

Kelsey Prestidge

As a drill site manager, she oversees personnel on location, logistics and safety. The personnel aspect entails ordering equipment, the cement product, casing, cleaning supplies, etc. The safety aspect entails working with safety representatives on location to ensure the environment is exemplifying operational excellence, logistics, as well as perfect execution. With a focus on continuously improving performance and by developing standard operating procedures that are efficient, Kelsey’s team has been able to drive down drilling times, opening the opportunity for innovation.

Something that might be surprising about Kelsey’s role is that the crew spends 14 days straight on the rig. Her “long” commute totals about 20 steps from her bedroom to the office on the rig.

"Those 14 days we’re pretty much out here living, breathing and doing what we do for our drilling operations."

Kelsey Prestidge

Inevitably, this time on the rig builds a family unit that creates trust knowing Kelsey is out with her crew, working alongside them every day.

When Kelsey first joined Chevron, before her first offshore assignment, her dad sat her down for a ‘welcome to the oilfield’ conversation, which essentially told her to engage with the crews, drill site managers, safety crew and business partners to learn what they do because she couldn’t do what she does without them. Since then, that philosophy has guided her career.

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Kelsey’s career lessons:
  • Be humble
  • Be inquisitive
  • Be willing to push yourself to strive to be better, rather than hold yourself back because you’re comfortable

As a drill site manager, Kelsey is also responsible for process safety and well control, which is assured through the Drilling and Completions WellSafe program, focusing on reducing the risk of serious incidents and working with the safety representatives on location to ensure the environment they are producing is exemplifying operational excellence. 

The Permian is one of the biggest hot spots right now in the energy sector, and Kelsey is excited to be part of it, knowing with recognition comes its own set of challenges. And, although it’s not what most people would consider a ‘normal’ job, she loves it.

"These are probably the best days of my life. Working in the field, working with my field crew family and doing what I do best."

permian basin at night

Published: October 2017