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Indonesia's Duri Field Produces Billionth Barrel of Oil

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 9, 1995 -- Indonesia's giant Duri oil field, currently producing at a record 300,000 barrels daily (b/d), yielded its billionth barrel in September, Chevron and Texaco reported.

Duri is operated by PT Caltex Pacific Indonesia (CPI), a 50/50 Chevron/Texaco affiliate working under a long-term production sharing agreement with Pertamina, Indonesia's state oil company.

Located in Sumatra, Duri was discovered in 1941 and began producing in 1958. Output peaked at 65,000 b/d in 1963, and then declined steadily until 1984. At that time, CPI engineers determined that Duri's large reserves, shallow depth, thick oil and tight reservoir rocks made it an ideal prospect for "steamflood" technology, which injects steam to heat the oil so that more of it flows to the production wells.

In 1985, CPI began a major steamflood at Duri, launching a new era of production growth. Plans call for continued expansion of the steamflood, already the world's largest. Meanwhile, advanced seismic imaging is helping to maximize oil recovery. Duri currently represents about 40 percent of CPI's total oil output.

Updated: October 1995