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We are committed to advancing the industry’s operational approach through technological innovation and the sharing of best practices. In the Marcellus region, we have participated in several efforts to establish recommended practices and standards for the Appalachian region.

Both the Marcellus Shale Coalition and the Appalachian Shale Recommended Practices Group, a consortium of 11 of the Appalachian Basin’s largest natural gas and oil producers, have developed and publicly released recommended practices specifically for this region.

Among other collaborative efforts in the Marcellus region, we participate in the Center for Responsible Shale Development. The CRSD is an unprecedented collaboration built on constructive engagement among environmental organizations, philanthropic foundations and energy companies from across the Appalachian Basin who share the objective of developing a center of excellence for natural gas from shale development. The CRSD adopted and released a series of 15 science-based performance standards covering air, climate and water protection and offers voluntary third-party operator certification using these standards.

In September 2014, Chevron was the first operator to achieve full certification for all 15 environmental performance standards established by the CRSD. Certification standards were evaluated by a third-party auditor. We were recertified in October 2016.

We believe the CRSD’s performance standards truly represent excellence in shale development in the Appalachia region, and we are pleased to have a third party inspect our operations to verify responsible freshwater management, groundwater protection and environmental footprint reduction.

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Published: May 2017