keeping our machinery humming

In Houston, Texas, Chevron’s Machinery and Power Support Center (MPSC), managed by our Energy Technology Co. and our Power and Energy Management group, improves Chevron’s reliability and efficiency by remotely monitoring about 1,400 pieces of rotating equipment on six continents in real time, using predictive models to help identify and anticipate potential failures or maintenance needs and avoid potential shutdowns. Working in collaboration with our business units and their monitoring hubs – called Equipment Decision Support Centers (EDSC) – the MPSC not only identifies emerging problems but can offer diagnostic and engineering support to any facility.

Case in point: the MPSC team recently noticed a high level of turbine oil consumption in a gas compressor train at an operation in Thailand. After alerting the EDSC, an inspection revealed an issue with a pump. This led to a manual shutdown, during which the pump was safely replaced. The preemptive action prevented early equipment failure and avoided lost production.

Updated: October 2015