featuremaintaining a healthy workplace during COVID-19

At Chevron, protecting the health and safety of our global workforce has always been a top priority, especially during times of crisis. As we navigate these unprecedented times, we continue taking steps to connect employees with resources that support their health and well-being.

We’re actively addressing evolving issues and providing workforce guidance, consistent with the World Health Organization, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and local public health organizations. When the time is right, our workforce will return to the workplace in stages, with added layers of infection prevention safeguards where needed.

layers of added safeguards

Chevron worker wearing PPE mask
  • Pre-entry health and thermal screening, as needed 
  • Wearing masks and gloves, as needed
  • Modifying workspaces to support physical distancing
  • Frequently and thoroughly cleaning all facilities 
  • Providing and using soap and water, sanitizing wipes and gel

workforce return is guided by a list of key criteria

  • Prevalence of virus spread in the community
  • Recommendation from Enterprise Health and local health authorities
  • Local health care system operating capacity
  • Relaxing of government restrictions on individuals and businesses

Additional factors may influence the process as the situation evolves over time.

Chevron will continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic developments relative to our facilities, offices and operating locations. We will maintain our safeguards, test the workforce as appropriate, manage suspected and confirmed cases as we are made aware, and conduct contract tracing when necessary.

human energy in actiondelivering 170,000 masks to our workforce

Portrait of a Chevron worker

In January, Teresa Lim, Chevron regional category manager for Lubricants in the Asia Pacific, was asked to source face masks for Chevron employees in China and Hong Kong, at a time when there were nearly no masks to be found. Working together with a cross-functional team from Chevron Enterprise Health, Finance, IP Procurement and mailroom colleagues, Teresa and team were able to secure a supplier, navigate strict shipping restrictions and streamline procurement to source more than 170,000 masks to help keep Chevron employees safe.

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chevron’s response to COVID-19

Published: May 2020