press release

Molycorp, Inc., names Craig J. Cynor as new sales and marketing manager

Brea, Calif., October 25, 1996 - Molycorp, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Unocal Corporation, has named Craig J. Cynor, manager of sales and marketing for their lanthanide and molybdenum business.

In his new position, Cynor will oversee sales of Molycorp, Inc. products worldwide, and will be located at Unocal's Hartley Center in Brea, Calif.

Cynor joined Unocal in 1985 and held various engineering positions at the Chicago Carbon Plant. In 1992, he became manager of sales - Petroleum Coke, responsible for the worldwide coke sales and marketing for the Unocal's 76 Products Company business unit.

He holds a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from the University of Illinois and a master's degree in business administration from Loyola University in Chicago.

Molycorp is a leading producer of lanthanide (rare earth) and molybdenum products. Lanthanides are minerals used in automotive and refining catalysts, energy-saving fluorescent lamps, color phosphors for television picture tubes, glass polishing compounds, magnets for computer disk drives and other high-technology applications. Molybdenum is used to strengthen steel alloys.

Updated: October 1996