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New Unocal 76 `We Get It' Ads Spoof Competition;
Ads Take AIM At Blindfold Cover-Up, Among Others

COSTA MESA, Calif., June 17, 1996 -- In its continuing effort to keep consumers safe from talking cars and dancing pumps, Unocal 76 today launched a new series of television and radio ads that pokes fun at other gasoline commercials and focuses on customer service.

The new television and radio spots, developed by advertising agency TBWA Chiat/Day, will run throughout California. Dubbed "We Get It," the campaign emphasizes the "little things" that customers want from a service station -- things like squeegees and soapy water on every service island, plenty of paper towels; and clean, well-stocked restrooms.

"It's fitting that this campaign is being launched near the Independence Day holiday, since consumers today are more independent than ever before and appreciate anything we can do to make their visit to the service station as efficient, as quick, and as pleasant as possible," said Cindy Hearn, marketing director for Unocal 76. "We get it -- people want more than great gasoline, they want the little things that really make a difference."

In one television spot, a petroleum executive blindfolds his boss to demonstrate that if the customers are blindfolded, they won't "see our dirty rest rooms," or that "there are no paper towels." Another ad depicts anxious executives awaiting the outcome of a consumer research test, where they place a squeegee on one end of a table and a toy car on the other. A group of children rushes in, quickly looks at the squeegee, and then run excitedly to the toy car. One executive then comments, "research doesn't lie."

A third television spot features an oil company executive brainstorming session. One executive explains his approach to customer service -- by forcing customers to wait in long lines so they'll eventually get hungry and buy some fast food. The ad then asks the question: "What do you want from your gas station? A long visit? Or a short one with quick in-and-out service? 76. We get it."

Lawrence M. Higby, president of Unocal's 76 Products Company, said the campaign is not a promotion, but rather a new way of doing business that helps get customers in and out of the service station efficiently with the minimum amount of inconvenience -- all while providing them the many "little things" that add up to reliable, quality service.

Every Unocal 76 dealer has been asked to sign a pledge to commit to this new way of doing business. Point-of-purchase materials at each service station reinforce this commitment to customers.

Orange County-based 76 Products Company, the marketing, refining, product supply and transportation unit of Unocal Corporation, offers gasoline plus a variety of convenience products and services to customers through a network of approximately 1,200 branded Unocal 76 retail sites in the West and Hawaii. The company operates three California refineries with a crude oil processing capacity of 250,000 barrels per day.

Updated: June 1996