On Stage at the Met

By Glenn F. Tilton, Vice Chairman
ChevronTexaco Corporation

New York City

Sponsorship of the ChevronTexaco Metropolitan Opera International Radio Broadcast represents a global innovative partnership of over 62 years bringing high quality world-class performances to 36 countries on five continents -- demonstrating ChevronTexaco's dedication to excellence, social/cultural responsibility and teamwork.

On behalf of all the people of ChevronTexaco, I also want to thank each of you for being here and supporting one of this city's great institutions. I think it's the case that we sometimes think of institutions as being static and unchanging -- but your presence tonight is testament to the fact that the Met is a dynamic and vibrant institution, full of life and energy.

Never was shared commitment so evident as in the joint support of The Metropolitan Opera's benefit concert for World Trade Center victims. The beautiful music of that evening was nothing less than the sound of a wounded city beginning to heal itself.

Left to right: Joseph Volpe, general manager of the Metropolitan Opera; former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani; and ChevronTexaco Vice Chairman Glenn Tilton.

ChevronTexaco, as you know, is a new company, but our commitment to The Metropolitan Opera spans decades. This year, our company has sponsored the 62nd consecutive season of live Saturday afternoon radio broadcasts, bringing the wonder of opera to millions of homes across America, Canada and countries in Europe, Asia and Central and South America.

At the same time, we also remain passionate about bringing the Met's artistry to new generations of listeners. The ChevronTexaco Opera Learning Center program is helping to foster a life-long love of music among young people, while also setting the stage for their academic success. Because of the trauma many children experienced from the September 11 tragedy, this program can play a more vital role than ever in bringing joy and beauty into their lives.

At ChevronTexaco, we take seriously our responsibility to support the needs of the communities we serve. This is a commitment that we share with tonight's honoree, Ralph Larsen, and with all of the people of Johnson & Johnson.

ChevronTexaco ... is a new company, but our commitment to The Metropolitan Opera spans decades.

Johnson & Johnson's (J&J) pre-eminence in the health care industry continues to improve our lives in myriad ways through:

  • the Johnson & Johnson Pediatric Institute,
  • education for Head Start directors and hospital nursing executives,
  • child survival programs, and
  • a new partnership with Yale University that places medical residents in hospitals in the developing world.

Through these and many other programs, J&J is a leading light in helping to create a safer, healthier world for all of us.

In addition, Johnson & Johnson has been one of our country's leading providers of emergency relief -- both medical supplies and financial resources -- for nearly 100 years.

On September 11, J&J responded with lightening speed, arranging for an airlift of critically needed hospital supplies to Ground Zero just hours after the attacks. Now, overall, J&J has contributed $10 million in products and financial aid to the relief effort.

Johnson & Johnson sets a standard for the world's corporate community, and I am extremely pleased to be a part of this well-deserved tribute to Ralph Larsen and his entire team.

Lastly, this stage has been the setting for memorable heroics of music and drama. But those of you here tonight are heroes of the Metropolitan Opera, for your support is crucial in creating the wonderful expressions of our culture that touch the world from this stage. These are presentations of beauty, of strength and of great artistry that we need today more than ever before.

With that, let me introduce you to the hero who keeps the Met running day in and day out, the general manager of the Metropolitan Opera, Joseph Volpe.

Updated: April 2002