oronite targets additive manufacturing in China

April 20, 2015 -- Chevron Oronite recently signed an investment agreement to build a wholly owned additive manufacturing plant in Ningbo, a seaport city near Shanghai in the People's Republic of China. Initial production from the plant is expected to come online in 2019.

The agreement comes on the heels of Oronite's expansion of its additives manufacturing facility in Singapore. 

"While our Singapore plant is the largest additives manufacturing facility in the region, we also anticipate that additive demand will continue to grow in China," said Oronite President Desmond King. "Adding a new supply point in China by the end of this decade will provide even greater flexibility to help ensure we continue to reliably meet our customers' needs through a supply chain that is unmatched in our industry."

China is currently the largest automobile market in the world. Growing car ownership and a market shifting to newer car models has prompted a need for more advanced lubricant technology. Oronite is known in the industry for developing high-quality additives for lubricants that can help protect engines and provide benefits such as reduced emissions and improved fuel economy.

"Unlike the Singapore plant, where most of our product is for export within the region and around the world, China is a growing market and we anticipate many of our products will be consumed locally," said Jirong Xiao, vice president, Oronite Sales and Marketing. "With the increasing need for lubricants and the shift towards higher quality lubricants, there will be a need for more additives for years to come."

The Ningbo facility will further expand Oronite's presence in China where it already has a sales office in Beijing as well as access to a full range of third-party testing facilities in Shanghai.

Published: April 2015