featurepartnering for health at AIDS 2016


Chevron participated in and sponsored the 21st International AIDS Conference, also known as AIDS 2016, in Durban, South Africa, late last month. The conference brought together nongovernmental organizations, government leaders, nonprofits and the private sector to collaborate on ways to improve access to treatment and reduce the stigma associated with the disease, while celebrating the strides we’ve made in the fight against HIV/AIDS thus far.


Donna Fata, Policy, Government and Public Affairs manager, South Africa, places a pin on a conference attendee. The beaded pins were handcrafted in South Africa by the Grootvlei Crafters, a local microenterprise organization that creates sustainable, self-generated income that empowers families to improve the care and protection of their children made vulnerable by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

This year’s theme, “Access Equity Rights Now,” issued a clear call-to-action to address the inequality in care, treatment and prevention experienced by people living with HIV/AIDS around the world. Despite huge advances in moving toward the eradication of HIV/AIDS, 39 million people today are living with HIV/AIDS, and nearly 60 percent of people living with HIV remain without access to antiretroviral therapy. The nearly 20,000 delegates from around the globe who attended AIDS 2016 strive to change these numbers by sharing the same goal – to eradicate this disease and bring about an AIDS-free generation.


Dr. Huma Abbasi, general manager of Global Health and Medical (above right), participated on a well-attended panel with some of our key partners to talk about the importance of public-private partnerships in reducing mother-to-child transmission of HIV, highlighting Chevron’s programs addressing HIV/AIDS around the world. Other panelists included Dr. Eric Goosby of the University of California, San Francisco (left), Dr. Mark Dybul of Global Fund (center), as well as Christian Loucq of Pact and Lilian Anomnachi-David of Born Free Africa, not pictured.

We were also able to share the story of how Chevron has been fighting HIV/AIDS for 30 years through the key messages in our Partner Corner. As a company whose largest operations are located where the grip of AIDS is the strongest, Chevron believes events and partnerships like these will help bring about healthy communities and in turn, healthy business.


Chevron delegates and AIDS 2016 attendees visited Cato Ridge Wellness Clinic (above), a health clinic outside of Durban that resulted from Chevron and North Star Alliance’s partnership. The clinics are housed in converted shipping containers and deliver HIV counseling and testing to truck drivers, sex workers and communities vulnerable to HIV. In 2015, our partnership contributed to more than 250,000 clinical and educational sessions.

Published: August 2016