newsshale technology

We’re finding the next shale development technologies.

Technology is essential to identifying, developing and producing shale reservoirs.

Chevron has established a technology unit focused exclusively on solving the technical challenges of shale and tight rock formations. The unit’s research and development efforts seek innovative solutions to improve performance and support responsible shale development.

shale technology

Geoscience data is used to help find underground structures that may hold oil or natural gas.

Our dedicated team of petroleum engineers, geologists and geophysicists is working to better understand tight rock reservoirs by studying the physics of shale in order to be able to identify “sweet spots” in formations. This knowledge helps focus our development on drilling locations where new wells will be most productive.

We are analyzing potential enhancements to existing horizontal oil drilling and hydraulic fracturing methods to improve the productivity of low-permeability reservoirs and reduce potential environmental impacts. We are studying ways to shrink physical and environmental footprints by reducing well pad size, using smaller equipment and finding alternative power sources. We are examining water management technologies to reduce the use of fresh water and to recycle and reuse produced water.

Chevron is committed to achieving sustainable energy solutions for shale development. We recognize the importance of sharing what we learn and employing best practices to improve performance. We are actively collaborating with industry partners and academic institutions to advance shale development technologies.

Published: July 2015