a smaller footprint

Chevron’s commitment to safe and responsible energy development shapes everything we do and every decision we make. Our drilling activities are designed to protect our workforce, the communities where we operate, and natural resources, including water, land and air. Our use of horizontal drilling enables us to gather natural gas from a large underground area with minimal surface interference, limiting our environmental footprint. With a single pad, for example, we can produce from an area of about one square mile. And the wells for our shale operations are designed and drilled with control systems to protect groundwater throughout the life of the well.

Similarly, our Subsea Mudlift Drilling (SMD) has the potential to make our safe and efficient deepwater drilling operations even safer. Since mud isn’t needed in the riser to control the well, it restores the riser margin, re-establishing an even greater level of safety than in the single-gradient systems currently in use. SMD allows drillers to more quickly detect and appropriately react to downhole pressure changes, enhancing the safety and efficiency of deepwater drilling operations.

Updated: July 2015