featureSTEM + LNG = a potential future in our industry

Chevron demonstrated its commitment to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education through the LNG 18 Student Forum on April 15 at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. The forum, held in conjunction with the 18th International Conference & Exhibition on Liquefied Natural Gas (“LNG 18”) in Perth, Australia, brought together 100 secondary school and university students for a day of course work and a tour of the exhibition.  

“We at Chevron have learned that few factors are more important to the success of our business – and to a country’s ability to compete in the global marketplace – than a robust supply of workers educated and trained in a STEM curriculum,” said Roy Krzywosinski, managing director of Chevron Australasia business unit. “By supporting the forum, we’re seeking to inspire and attract the next generation of leaders in the oil and gas industry.” 

LNG 18 student forum

Students participating in the LNG 18 Student Forum experienced a tailored program focused on raising their knowledge of the oil and gas industry.

The students, all of whom are involved in energy-related disciplines, were invited to apply to the LNG 18 Student Forum through an expression of interest program. Working closely with the conference’s National Organizing Committee, Chevron representatives chose 50 secondary and 50 university students to participate in the day-long event. 

Chevron helped design a tailored program to provide the students with a rare opportunity to increase their awareness and knowledge about the oil and gas industry. The courses included an overview of the LNG industry, an interactive workshop titled “Hands on LNG,” and a course on careers in LNG with participation from young industry professionals. 

The afternoon kicked off with a tour of the main exhibition hall, which gave the students an opportunity to meet and network with energy industry professionals. The students then attended a two-hour LNG 18 conference session titled “Australia – the new LNG powerhouse: updates and lessons learned.” The presenters included Krzywosinski and representatives of other sponsoring companies.

Following the official closing ceremony of LNG 18, the students engaged in informal networking during the close of their forum. 

LNG 18 student forum activity

Students participate in an activity to understand the process of geosequestration, or carbon capture and storage. The exercise helped illustrate the CO2 injection process being used at the Gorgon Project which will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by around 40 percent.

Chevron’s support for the LNG 18 Student Forum is consistent with the company’s involvement in worldwide programs and initiatives that harness students’ creativity by engaging them in STEM education. In Australia, the company has been a long-time sponsor of an innovative science education program that inspires students to consider and pursue careers in the oil and gas industry.  

Published: April 2016