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Sullivan Summit Hosts Presidential Plenary With More Than 30 Delegations Represented

ChevronTexaco Announced $5 Million Commitment to Sullivan Foundation


This is news concerning ChevronTexaco but issued by the Leon H. Sullivan Foundation in Abuja, Nigeria on July 17, 2003, and archived here for record purposes.

ABUJA, Nigeria, Jul. 17, 2003 -- Thirty heads of state, including ten presidents convened yesterday in Abuja, Nigeria to attend plenary sessions at the 6th Leon H. Sullivan Summit. The delegations hailed from thirty-two nations in Africa and Europe, and held talks to discuss plans to improve the country's economic climate, specifically through trade and investment opportunities.

The delegation was addressed by former President, Bill Clinton who praised President George Bush's decision to extend the AGOA Act (African Growth and Opportunity Act) through 2008 and discussed new initiatives to provide funding to assist Africa's famine relief efforts and the fight against the HIV and AIDS epidemic.

Dave O'Reilly, Chairman and CEO, ChevronTexaco announced at the tribute for the late Leon H. Sullivan, a five-million dollar endowment for the Sullivan Foundation to help ensure the continuation and expansion of its initiatives. "This new support will help to ensure Dr. Sullivan's legacy of sustainable development and self-help programs can be realized, said O'Reilly." ChevronTexaco also presented to the Sullivan family a sculpture created by Nigerian artist, Chief Emeka Achineka that signified Rev. Sullivan's "helping hand" principle for Africa.

In a final tribute for the summit founder, funeral rites for Rev. Leon H. Sullivan will be held today in Abuja, Nigeria at Eagle Square. Officiated by Nigerian President, His Excellency Olesegun Obasanjo, this traditional ceremony is typically reserved for native Africans only. Rev. Sullivan is the first American of African ancestry to receive such an honor.

The Leon H. Sullivan Foundation, organizers of The Summit, is headquartered in Washington, D.C., and exists to enhance the fund development and government advocacy activities of the non-profit Sullivan organizations. Its mission is to assist in securing private and public funding for OICA (Opportunities Industrialization Centers of America), OICI (Opportunities Industrialization Centers International) and IFESH (International Foundation for Education and Self-Help). The Foundation is a result of the changing landscapes as it relates to the financial viability of the Sullivan organizations since the passing of Reverend Sullivan.

Updated: July 2003