sunshine on savings: chevron energy solutions solar project to save funds for morgan hill unified school district

March 16, 2011 – Chevron Energy Solutions and Morgan Hill Unified School District in California announced the completion of a solar program that provides energy savings and solar education. The program includes a 2.1 MW solar project that is expected to save more than $8 million and offset approximately 80 percent of the combined utility energy demand for two high schools. The district anticipates it will reduce its purchase of utility power and, in turn, reduce carbon emissions by 1,900 metric tons, equivalent to the carbon sequestered annually by approximately 375 acres of trees.

Solar panels sit atop a parking structure at a Morgan Hill school.

Solar panels sit atop a parking structure at a Morgan Hill school.

"Our goal is to provide our students with a safe, healthy and sustainable environment where they can learn and succeed," said Dr. Wesley Smith, superintendent of Morgan Hill Unified School District. "This program allows us to save money and teach our students about solar energy and how it can be used."

Chevron Energy Solutions designed, built, operates, maintains, measures and guarantees the solar project's performance for the district. The company is one of the largest installers of solar power in the U.S. education market and has developed hundreds of projects that improve energy efficiency and provide renewable power for education, government and business facilities.

"Morgan Hill Unified School District is a recognized leader when it comes to student achievement," said Jim Davis, president of Chevron Energy Solutions. "The district is also demonstrating its leadership by having the vision to generate cost savings and more budget predictability for their energy costs through this solar program."

The cost of the project was funded through Qualified School Construction Bonds that were awarded through a lottery. In addition, a rebate from the California Solar Initiative will contribute to the general fund savings generated by the solar program.

Updated: March 2011

Published: March 2011