feature supporting communities during the COVID-19 crisis

We believe in the power of humanity to solve any challenge. Together with our global partners, Chevron is enacting a series of social investment and support initiatives to help communities and nonprofits address the COVID-19 crisis.

support to humanitarian efforts

$30+ million

contributed globally

Women's development foundation

china women’s development foundation

Chevron donated $290,000 USD (RMB $2 million) from the Chevron Global Community Fund to the China Women’s Development Foundation (CWDF) to support COVID-19 response efforts in China. The donation, managed by Give2Asia, will assist CWDF in supplying medical equipment and materials to patients and responders in Hubei Province.
singapore caltex stations

fuel discounts at singapore caltex stations

Through May 31, Chevron is offering a special fuel discount at Caltex service stations in Singapore to uniformed delivery riders to help offset the transportation costs of food and delivery orders. In addition, Chevron is offering a special fuel discount to bus drivers at select stations through our Caltex Diesel Program for Bus Drivers.
aid southeast louisiana

$350,000 to aid southeast louisiana

To help assist communities near our Gulf of Mexico operation, Chevron committed $350,000 to multiple nonprofits and food banks in the Southeast Louisiana area, including the Bayou Community Foundation, Northshore Community Foundation, Northshore Foodbank and Second Harvest foodbank.
pennsylvania food banks

$260,000 to pennsylvania food banks and first responders

Even though Chevron plans to cease operations in the Appalachia area, we are pledging $260,000 to the surrounding communities to support crisis response efforts. $200,000 will go to volunteer fire departments in southwestern Pennsylvania and West Virginia. We will also donate $10,000 each to six food banks in the area.
Surgical masks

surgical masks and face shields to health organizations

In California, 100,000 surgical masks were donated from supplies at Chevron medical clinics to local hospitals and health networks. Chevron-funded Fab Labs are also producing personal protective equipment for first responders and heath organizations in communities near Chevron’s U.S. facilities and are aiming to produce over 20,000 face shields for local hospitals, nursing homes and first responders.
west texas nonprofits

$230,000 to west texas nonprofits and food banks

Chevron has donated $230,000 across Permian Basin nonprofits. Funds will go toward community COVID-19 response efforts, with a focus on food and housing security, emergency childcare and healthcare support. Organizations to receive funds included the West Texas Food Bank, Eddy and Lea County United Ways, the Boys and Girls Club of the Permian Basin and the Permian Basin YMCA.
medical equipment kazakhstan

provision of medical equipment and supplies in kazakhstan

Chevron’s joint venture Tengizchevroil (TCO), following a request from the Regional Government in Atyrau, provided approximately two months of medical equipment and supplies to be delivered to the local health authorities. In doing so, TCO has supported the provision of around $4.6 million ($2.3 million Chevron share) of critical supplies, including intensive care equipment and ambulances, medical and laboratory equipment and supplies, thermo scanners and pyrometers for checkpoints and PPE and housekeeping equipment.
Chevron gas station at dusk

$1 million in fuel gift cards

To support nonprofits that need fuel during the COVID-19 crisis and to thank first responders for their efforts, Chevron donated $1 million in Chevron and Texaco gift cards to first responders and food banks in Chevron’s major operating areas in the United States.
Chevron Nigeria Limited Buses

chevron contributes to response efforts in nigeria

Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL) and joint venture partner Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) have partnered to support coronavirus response efforts in Nigeria, with Chevron committing in-kind donations worth $1.28 million for an ambulance, ventilators, medical diagnostic equipment and personal protective equipment.

San Joaquin Valley, California

$500,000 to support communities across central california

Chevron has committed over $500,000 to support our communities across Kern, Fresno and Monterey Counties in California. Together with our community partners, we have implemented a series of social investment and support initiatives to help communities and nonprofits address the COVID-19 public health crisis.

chevron gives back in thailand

chevron gives back in thailand

Chevron has pledged $131,000 (4,277,000 baht) in contributions to Thailand to help frontline medical staff and communities address the COVID-19 public health crisis. Contributions include medical supplies for 33 hospitals and government agencies across Thailand. Employees have also committed to donating nearly $50,000 (1.6 million baht) to strengthen Thailand’s COVID-19 response, with the company pledging to triple contributions to over $150,000 (5 million baht) through our Chevron Humankind program.

chevron’s response to COVID-19

Updated: July 2020