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Glenn F. Tilton

Glenn F. Tilton

Glenn F. Tilton, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Texaco Inc., was born in Washington, D.C., on April 9, 1948. He was graduated from the University of South Carolina with a bachelor of arts degree in international relations in 1970.

Tilton joined Texaco that same year as a sales trainee in the U.S. marketing operations in Washington, D.C., and after serving in various marketing assignments of increasing responsibility, Tilton was named Assistant to the Vice President - Northeastern Region in 1978. In 1979, he was appointed Marketing Manager of the Philadelphia Division.

In 1981, Tilton was named Staff Coordinator in the Corporate Planning and Economics Department of Texaco Inc., located in Harrison, N.Y. He was appointed Assistant General Manager - Sales for Texaco Europe in 1983 and was named General Manager - Marketing for the division in 1984. Tilton was appointed Vice President - Marketing of Texaco U.S.A., based in Houston, in 1987, and the following year he was named President of Texaco Refining and Marketing Inc. In 1989, he was elected a Vice President of Texaco Inc.

Tilton was appointed Chairman of Texaco Ltd. in 1991, which comprised of the major upstream and downstream operations of Texaco in the United Kingdom, which included the significant development projects in the North Sea. In that capacity, he had responsibility for the Texaco group of companies operating and holding interest in exploration, production, refining, supply and transportation, and marketing operations there.

In 1992, Tilton was named President of Texaco Europe, which encompassed operations in 22 countries in Europe. He was appointed President Texaco USA in December 1994 and had responsibility for Texaco's integrated businesses throughout the United States, which included exploration and producing, refining, marketing, and trading and transportation.

Tilton was elected a Senior Vice President of Texaco Inc. in April 1995. He was appointed President of Texaco's Global Business Unit in January 1997. Global Businesses incorporates Texaco's downstream activities including Texaco International Marketing & Manufacturing, Global Products, Fuel & Marine Marketing LLC, International Aviation Sales together with alliance management for Caltex Corporation as well as Equilon and Motiva, the U.S. downstream alliances with Shell and Saudi Aramco.

Tilton was elected to his present position in early 2001. In addition to these responsibilities, he is a member of Texaco's Executive Council.

Tilton serves on the President's Advisory Board at the University of South Carolina and is a member of both the American Petroleum Institute's Executive Committee and Policy Committee in addition to being a member of the API Board of Directors.

Updated: January 2001