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Texaco Press Release - Salvador Sanchez J. Appointed Texaco's Director of Public & Government Affairs


WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., Feb. 17 - Salvador Sanchez J. has been appointed Director of Public & Government Affairs for the Central America Region of Texaco International Manufacturing and Marketing (TIMM), effective March 1, it was announced today by J. Carey McHugh, Vice President of TIMM.

In his new position, Sanchez, currently President of Texaco Panama Inc., will be responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with a broad range of Texaco's external constituencies throughout this geographic area, including government and regulatory officials, community and business leaders. In addition to his new responsibilities, he will continue in his role as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Refinería Panamá. He will continue to be based in Panama City.

Commenting on the appointment, McHugh said, "Salvador's wealth of industry experience, coupled with his knowledge of Central America's economic and social infrastructure, will prove extremely valuable as Texaco's business expands in this high potential marketplace. His counsel on matters of public and government affairs will play an important role in the development of our strategic business plans."

Salvador Sánchez graduated from the University of Panamá with a degree in civil engineering. He also earned a master of science degree in mechanics and hydraulics from the State University of Iowa. He joined Texaco in 1962 as an Engineer with the Maintenance and Engineering Department at Refinería Panamá, S. A. in Colón, Panamá. Following assignments of increasing responsibility, he was appointed Refinery Manager in 1982. He transferred to San Pedro Sula, Honduras in 1989 as President, Refinería Texaco de Honduras, S. A., and Manager, Texaco Caribbean Inc. In 1990, Sánchez was appointed Division Manager of Texaco Puerto Rico Inc. One year later, he was named General Manager of Compañía de Texaco de Panamá (TEXPASA) and President of Refinería Panamá. In 1992, he was named Chairman of the Board of Directors for Refinería Panamá.

Updated: February 2000