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Texaco Press Release - Star Enterprise Selects Chevron Research And Technology Company


Port Arthur, Texas, Feb. 6 -- Star Enterprise, refiner and marketer of Texaco-branded products, announced that Chevron Research and Technology Company has been selected to provide technology and catalyst for Star Enterprise's new lubricating base oil manufacturing facility to be located at its Port Arthur, Texas, refinery.

The new 15,000 BPCD (barrel-per-calendar-day) unit will employ a combination of Chevron and Star Enterprise technologies in a single, ultra efficient operation, which will allow the shutdown of all Star Enterprise's existing solvent dewaxing capacity. Use of Chevron's Isodewaxing Technology will provide Texaco and other Star Enterprise customers with superior, low- temperature performance base oils.

"This is another fine example of technology marketing's ability to adapt and deliver technologies that meet the needs of our customers," said Peter McCrea, vice president of global lubricants and technology marketing, Chevron Products Company.

The companion Chevron technologies will enable Star Enterprise to produce either Group II or Group III quality base oils to meet the highest performance standards of the company's base oil customers.

"This new facility will enable Star Enterprise to produce the superior quality base oils that will solidify our reputation as a leading supplier of lubricant base oils well into the next century," said Seth Sharr, president and CEO.

Star Enterprise supplies base oils to Texaco Lubricants Company, which uses base oil to produce a full line of commercial, industrial and consumer lubricant products, including the Havoline Formula3 family of products.

"The new base oils will enable Texaco Lubricants Company to continue in its role as a leading supplier of lubricants for industry and the motoring public," said S. Shariq Yosufzai, president.

The new unit will begin operation in third quarter 1998.

Editor's note: Headquartered in Houston, Star Enterprise is a joint venture between subsidiaries of Texaco and Saudi Aramco. The company refines and markets Texaco-branded products in 26 East and Gulf Coast states and Washington, D.C.

The global lubricants and technology marketing division of Chevron Products Company, a subsidiary of Chevron Corporation, headquartered in San Francisco, licenses refining process technologies and markets catalyst, base oils, finished lubricants and fuel additives worldwide.

Updated: February 1997