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Texaco Press Release - Texaco and Cultura-FM Combine to Bring the Sound of the Metropolitan Opera

Metropolitan Opera performances to be broadcast live to South America for the first time.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, July 8 - Brazil is set to become the first country in South America to receive live broadcasts of performances from the world-renowned Metropolitan Opera in New York City, following an agreement between U.S. energy company, Texaco, and Brasilia-based Radio Cultura-FM, it was announced today by Texaco Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Peter I. Bijur.

Bijur, who made the announcement from Rio de Janeiro where he has been having business discussions with Government and industry representatives, said: "I am delighted that this year, for the first time, we will bring the Texaco-Metropolitan Opera Radio Broadcasts to opera-lovers in Brazil. This announcement will make the 1999-2000 season at the Met doubly special for us because, when the curtain rises in December, we will also begin our 60th-anniversary season of broadcasts.

"To many, the Texaco-Metropolitan Opera radio broadcasts have been a first introduction to this wonderful art-form, and I feel sure that they will bring pleasure to opera-lovers across Brazil, just as they have to countless fans in North America, Europe and Australia," Bijur added.

Adding his comments, Radio Cultura-FM Manager, João Batista Torres Rocha said: "With this agreement, Cultura-FM will become part of one of the most important international radio networks, composed of hundreds of stations in different countries. This pioneering broadcast of the Metropolitan Opera in Brazil fulfills the cultural role that Cultura-FM has always sought to perform in the radio of São Paulo."

The agreement underscores Texaco's long-term commitment to Brazil where the company has had operations since 1915 and currently has a network of more than 3,000 gasoline stations and supplies nearly a quarter of the country's lubricants needs. In recent weeks, Texaco has built on this solid business foundation by securing interests in offshore exploration blocks.

EDITORS' NOTE: Texaco's sponsorship of the radio broadcasts began in 1940 and represents the longest corporate sponsorship program in the United States. With the inclusion of Brazil, the weekly live broadcasts now reach 33 countries, 'throwing open the doors of the Met' to millions of radio listeners around the world.

Cultura-FM 103.3 Mhz has been broadcasting rich repertoires ever since its first broadcasts in 1977, divulging the great events of classical music in all its different types and styles. With the aim of better divulging the event in Brazil, Rádio Cultura-FM de São Paulo is inviting radio stations in Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro to also broadcast its signal, thus taking this long-awaited moment for opera lovers to local listeners.

Updated: July 1999