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Texaco Press Release - Texaco Introduces New Line of Fuel System Cleaners Star Power™ Products

Star Power™ Products To Be Distributed Throughout Latin America and the Caribbean


WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., HOUSTON, June 20 - Texaco International Marketing & Manufacturing announced today a new line of Texaco Star Power™ branded fuel system cleaners and a diesel fuel conditioner under the Ursa® Star Power™ brand name.

These new products are being distributed throughout Latin America and are now available at most Texaco branded retail outlets in these regions. Extensive research and testing have gone into the development of these new members of the Texaco family of products to ensure that the highest standards of performance have been met.

Ursa® Star Power™ Diesel Fuel Conditioner

Ursa® Star Power™ Diesel Fuel Conditioner treats diesel fuel to meet Original Equipment Manufacturer's (OEM) service requirements for a "Superior" rating in the Cummins L-10 Engine Test. This powerful product offers up to 7.6 percent improved fuel economy and up to a 45 percent reduction in smoke opacity. Additionally, Ursa® Star Power™ Diesel Fuel Conditioner testing results indicate up to a 30 percent improvement in lubricity (results will vary depending on fuel used).

The product is designed to clean fuel injectors and keep them clean, which helps maintain peak power and performance. It also helps clean and lubricate a truck's fuel system, providing a safeguard against accelerated wear. The addition of Ursa® Star Power™ Diesel Fuel Conditioner to the Ursa® line of products, which include Ursa® Premium TDX and Ursa® Super Plus heavy duty engine oils, as well as Texaco Extended Life Anti-Freeze/Coolant, provides a full line of products that are formulated exclusively for Heavy-Duty Trucks.

Star Power™ Gasoline System Cleaner

The Star Power™ product line also includes a Gasoline System Cleaner to help fight deposits, gums, and rust in fuel and intake systems. The product can improve fuel economy and engine performance by helping clean deposits from fuel injectors, carburetors and intake valves. By improving fuel and airflow, and promoting optimum combustion, Star Power™ products help engines start faster, run cleaner, and respond more quickly.

Also in the line-up is a Star Power™ Gasoline Fuel System Enhanced Treatment that will provide improved fuel economy and performance. These products can be used between normal maintenance intervals to help keep cars running at peak performance and maximize fuel economy. Combined with the use of Havoline Premium motor oils and Havoline DEXCOOL™ Extended Life Anti-Freeze Coolant, Texaco offers a full line of performance maintenance products designed to "Add More Life to Your Car"®.

For additional information about Texaco Star Power™ Gasoline System Cleaner and Ursa® Star Power™ Diesel Conditioner, please contact Texaco Lubricants at 914-253-7541.

Updated: June 2001