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Texaco Press Release - Texaco Launches Children's Road Safety Awareness Campaign


ALMATY, Kazakhstan, Oct. 11 - Every day in the cities of Kazakhstan there are 2 - 3 road accidents that involve children. Over six months of 2000 in the Republic of Kazakhstan the traffic accidents took lives of 78 children and 1048 suffered through the different degree injuries. To raise awareness for the importance of the road safety - in particular, the importance of being seen by drivers, Texaco has launched a child visibility campaign.

Most of the traffic accidents victims include children aged between 7-14, happen within the 1-km radius from their houses. Mostly on the way to school and back. Many accidents happen in twilight when children crossing the streets see the car light and think that the driver is also aware about them.

The Texaco Seen from far way in safety for sure! campaign will raise awareness of the importance of road safety amongst our youngest ones when they start school. The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan support the campaign.

In the frame of the campaign the special fluorescent stickers and leaflets will be spread amongst the first-year pupils in five major cities. In addition, posters and leaflets will be spread in the schools amongst the pupils and the teachers.

The awareness campaign will take place for one month from October,1 to October, 31 in Almaty, Astana, Aktau, Uralsk, Aksai.

Our community activity in Kazakhstan and through the world has a strong focus on education. As an oil company producing the fuel that power cars, Texaco is to make efforts for decreasing of the number of the road accidents and popularization of the road rules amongst the children.

Texaco initiated a similar program in the United Kingdom several years ago and the result was a measurable reduction in the number of children involved in road accidents. The company hopes to achieve the similar results in Kazakhstan. Texaco believes that saving just one child's life would be worthwhile.

Seen from far way in safety for sure!

Updated: October 2000