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Texaco Press Release - Texaco Launches Corporate Advertising Campaign "Texaco: A World Of Energy"

"Texaco. A World of Energy"
Theme Points to Important Role of Global Energy Company Strategy Includes Long-Term Commitment to Television, Print


WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., August 28 - Texaco today unveiled its new corporate advertising campaign under the banner, "Texaco. A World of Energy," aimed at strengthening the company's image as a leader in the global energy marketplace.

The campaign, created by BBDO Worldwide, New York, will debut nationally during the Labor Day Weekend, August 30 - September 1 on the U.S. Open tennis tournament coverage on CBS, FOX's and NBC's NFL Football games, Sunday Morning shows including CBS Sunday Morning, and ABC's This Week. It will run on the Greater Milwaukee Open, Monday Night Football and select cable shows. Full page newspaper advertising will reinforce the introduction on Tuesday, September 2, in major markets across the country.

"Texaco plays an integral role in the global energy market," said Texaco Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Peter I. Bijur, "and our objective with this long-term campaign is to focus on the commitment of Texaco employees and their dedication to pursuing energy sources and delivering energy products to people around the globe. Our campaign embodies this idea, and illustrates the value we bring to the quality of life for people whose lives we touch through the exploration, production, refining, distribution and marketing of energy products, and as caretakers of our valuable resources."

Commenting on the program, Kjestine M. Anderson, General Manager of Public Relations and Advertising for Texaco, said, "Texaco will utilize the theme, "Texaco. A World of Energy," across multiple communications -- including advertising through traditional and new media, as well as promotional activities that will include a broad range of sponsorships. This new campaign complements Texaco's other advertising activities, including a new U.S. product campaign being developed by BBDO and campaigns underway by UniWorld and KJS to reach the African American and Hispanic communities in the U.S. Altogether, we plan on investing more than $60 million annually in these activities."

Ted Sann, Co-CEO and Chief Creative Officer of BBDO New York, said, "This new campaign builds on, and burnishes, Texaco's strong brand heritage for a new era. We traveled the globe to capture the vision and dedication of Texaco workers and the innovative technologies they are using to keep the world running. We want to convey that the lives we enjoy are fueled, in great part, with Texaco energy, represented by both the people of the company and its products."

The television campaign is comprised of four commercials, featuring the voice of actor Paul Newman:

  • "Anthem" -- This fast-paced 60-second montage intersperses dozens of global images of the world running at top speed: commuters rushing to trains in Great Britain; bi-planes crisscrossing the Rio de Janeiro harbor; a child jumping off a school bus in Traverse City, Mich.; together with images of Texaco at work across the world: geologists on the plains of Africa; oil rig workers; a Texaco helicopter passing a skyscraper. The commercial introduces the "Do You See the Star?" anthem -- powerful, uplifting music that builds to a crescendo with the lyrics: "We're always going, to keep you coming. To keep your whole world running."
  • "Run World" -- This 60-second commercial underscores that Texaco helps "develop, invent, visualize, hypothesize, explore, discover and relentlessly search. Seek. And find the energy the world needs to run." The spot opens with a baby looking up at a mobile of cars, planes and trains as Paul Newman suggests, "See the world run." In quick succession, images of the world on the run: a helicopter taking off and a nun pushing a lawn mower, come together with images of Texaco on the run: a caravan of tanker trucks; underwater divers; geologists traversing steep cliffs in the quest to find and deliver the energy the world needs to run.
  • "Rocks" -- This 30-second commercial shows the people of Texaco at work in every terrain from blinding blizzards on mountain peaks to scorching deserts to monsoon-tossed jungles -- always in the quest to find and study rocks, while Paul Newman remarks, "They love the darn things -- they study 'em, they scan 'em. Even taste 'em. Why? You find the right rocks, you find the energy the world needs to keep on running." The faces and activities of a global energy company are showcased with a touch of humor.
  • "Who are these people?" -- This 30-second commercial follows the people of Texaco on the move across the globe. Paul Newman says, "They go to the strangest places... work in the tightest quarters and gladly keep the oddest hours. Who are they? Forever probing and prodding, digging and exploring. Who are these people? They are Texaco. And they do what they do to find the energy the world needs to keep on running." Texaco workers are pictured in blue overalls, standing shoulder-to-shoulder on an oil platform; in the laboratory; at high-tech operations centers; on mountaintops and under the sea.

Texaco and BBDO have approached media planning over a sixteen month period with a strategy that includes highly targeted sports venues, (e.g. NFL football, golf, and tennis), Sunday morning shows, and diverse cable networks from A&E to the Discovery Channel to CNN. A significant magazine effort will be launched in first quarter 1998.

Updated: August 1997