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Texaco Press Release - Texaco Natural Gas Star Center Introduces Gas Supply Department


HOUSTON, Sept. 18 - Texaco Natural Gas Inc. (TNG) today announced the formation of the Gas Supply Department within the Texaco Natural Gas Star Center. The new department was created to provide more comprehensive services to TNG customers by working closely with TNG's existing marketing and trading, commercial development and risk management groups.

With a focus on providing services to independent producers, the Gas Supply Department will offer a customer-oriented suite of producer service products. These services, which were previously handled by the commercial development group, include gas, oil and natural gas marketing, flexible sales pricing, NYMEX-based pricing mechanisms and risk management. The department includes a producer finance resource center for capital and project financing and field resources center for gathering, treating, compression and processing of natural gas.

"The mission of the Gas Supply Department is to secure and grow long-term wellhead supply sources directly from the producing community," said Patrick Fleming, President of Texaco Natural Gas Inc. "The department utilizes TNG Star Center's customer service, market presence, asset base and personnel resources to expand on existing relationships and to develop new ones."

Hugh H. Connett has been named Vice-President of the Gas Supply Department at the TNG Star Center. Prior to joining TNG, Connett spent 14 years with Mitchell Energy and Development Corporation. He is a Registered Professional Engineer, a board member of the Houston Gas Processors Association and member of the Natural Gas Association of Houston, the Natural Gas and Electric Power Society of North Texas, the Society of Petroleum Engineers and the North Texas and New Orleans Gas Processors Associations.

Texaco Natural Gas is the one of the nation's largest natural gas producer-marketers, operating over 1,500 miles of pipeline and over 50 interconnects to intrastate and interstate pipelines in the United States and eight billion cubic feet of sdome gas storage.

Updated: September 1998