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Texaco Press Release - Wayne N. Clark Elects Early Retirement from Texaco International Marketing

FOR RELEASE: Tuesday, November 21, 2000.

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., November 21 - Wayne N. Clark, Vice President of Global Refining, Engineering and Safety, Health and Environment (SH&E) for Texaco's Global Businesses, has elected early retirement on December 1, 2000, after 32 years of service, it was announced today by Glenn F. Tilton, Texaco Senior Vice President and President of Global Businesses.

Clark, 55, will be succeeded by Kenneth R. Hall who currently is General Manager of Texaco's General Engineering Department.

Commenting on Clark's forthcoming retirement, Tilton noted, "Wayne has made significant contributions to Texaco throughout his 32 years holding a variety of positions in the company, ranging from exploration and production, alternate energy and refinery management."

Tilton continued, "We wish Wayne well as he embarks upon the next chapter of his life - and we appreciate his many contributions."

Clark joined Texaco in 1968 as an engineer at the company's Los Angeles refinery, where he subsequently held various supervisory positions. In 1978 he was named Assistant Plant Manager of Maintenance and Construction at Texaco's former Eagle Point, N.J., refinery, and in 1981 he joined the Alternate Energy and Resources Department (AERD) in Houston as Assistant Program Manager/Plant Manager of the Coal Gasification Program. In 1983 he was named Program Manager/Plant Manager of the Coal Gasification Program for the Cool Water Coal Gasification Program Joint Venture in Daggett, Calif.

In 1987 Clark was named Manager of Planning, Communications and Advanced Systems for the Engineering and Safety Department of Texaco Inc. in Houston. In 1988 he was appointed Assistant General Manager for Texaco's Engineering and Purchasing Department, and in 1991 assumed the additional responsibility of Vice President of Texaco Petroleum Development Company, which led the company's upstream entry into the then Soviet Union. He was subsequently named President of Texaco Petroleum Development Company.

In 1993, Clark was appointed Director of Manufacturing of Texaco Ltd. and assumed responsibility for the Pembroke Refinery in Wales, U.K., and Texaco's participation in the Netherlands Refining Company.

In 1997, Clark became Vice President of International Manufacturing for Texaco's International Marketing and Manufacturing Division. In June 1999 he was appointed to his present position.

Updated: November 2000